Birthday Club- – Everyone pays money;on ‘their’ day they get all of the money.NEone heardof this?Hows it work?

At my job they have something called the Birthday Club ... every payperiod you pay 100 dollars and on your birthday (or the payperiod your birthday falls in) you receive $2000.00. Anyone heard of this? How could I start one??

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  • So how many pay periods do you pay a year? 24? So you put in $2400/year and then you get $2000/year?

    Why don't you just put $100 in a shoe box and once a year take it out?

  • Call it a savings club or whatever, I've seen people do it at their worplaces because it works it you have a small group of people. Sign up 8-12 people who want to participate in the club, agree on a weekly amount (like $100), choose a trustworthy "treasurer" to collect money from everyone each week, draw numbers to see who gets the pot of money each week. If ten people give $100 for ten weeks, on your assigned week you will get $1000, just keep in mind everyone has to commit to giving the predetermined amount for as many weeks as there are participants in the club so everyone gets their "birthday money" each week. It's a great way to save up for a special purchase, as long as everyone is honest and pays their share.

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  • that sounds fun. you could do that amongst friends, and when ever you guys go out to eat, or hang out together you could put money in a jar or something and on birthdays, give the money to the birthday person. It would be a little steep to put in $100 just because its coming from pocket, but you could do like $5 or $10... that would be fun for everyone.

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  • It's a pyramid scheme, and you could start one, but you'd get your butt thrown in jail for it.

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