black spot bread on bread could it be mold?

I have a package of normal wheat bread. and most of the slices have one little round hole in them. well one of this little round holes I noticed a black spot on the bread. could it just maybe be a burned spot? And I was wondering what it might be. Is this good or bad. I am really scared I might have eaten a piece of it because I did not notice it on the one slice untill after I had eaten a slice of bread.

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  • Mould on bread is normally a blue colour or a whitish colour. The black part on your bread probably is a spot of yeast that was over cooked too long. I wouldn't worry about it. Just check the expiration date on the bag of bread first.

  • Eating a little mold on a slice of bread is not bad for you, unless you're allergic to penicillin. Bread mold is where they get that.

    But your description of the spot doesn't sound like bread mold, it has a greenish tint to it. If it bothers you and you see more, just cut those pieces out or pinch them off, that's the way the people did when I was growing up and I still do. Food costs too much to waste.

  • If it was old it was just penicillin, which is ok to eat, its an antibiotic. Thats usually the only kind of mold that grow on breads.

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