Blinking snowflake on thermostat?

We turned on our a/c and the snowflake was blinking! Does that mean the a/c is broken or the thermostat? Please hrlp

8 Answers

  • In my experience, the little icon blinking means it knows you're asking for cooling, but there's a time delay built in. So give it a few minutes.

    This will be the kind of question that gets asked, but nobody ever reads again...including the asker. Her HVAC will have come on long before the first answer even landed, and she'll have wandered off to whatever the next crisis was.

  • Luxpro Thermostat Manual

  • Blinking idicates either a lock out condition and then when the ac starts it should go solid. It maybe on that stat that the snow flake blinks when in cooling. Consult your owners manual

    If the AC is working you should be fine.

  • About 10 minutes after I turned it on and it was started. That's all I know

  • it means the A/C is working but on stand-by, Sometimes it can stay like that for 30 minutes before it works

    if it takes longer call Heating // Cooling repair guy

  • Check The Batteries!

  • So not one person could actually answer this question!

  • replace the battery in t stat

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