Body composition testing determines which of the following

81. Body composition testing determines which of the following? A. Lean mass and fat mnass B. Overall bodyweight C. Somatotyp


Answer 81:

The right choice is (A)

The body composition tests determine lean mass and fat mass.
Lean tissue is the active tissues which burns calories. Lean
tissues is good for the body, greater the lean tissue, greater will
be the metabolic rate. Fat mass has low calorie value.

Answer 82:

To right choice is (A)

Headache can happen while doing physical training because of
dehydration. Hence the trainer should advise the client to drink
water and have a rest. Medicines should not be the first choice,
goal should be to treat the cause and in this case the cause is
dehydration which can be treated by drinking water.

Answer 83:

The right choice is (D)

Fats are the organic molecules and they are the macronutrients
which are formed by the long group of carbon and hydrogen joined
together to form hydrocarbons.

Answer 84:

The right choice is (A)

Body fat calculation determines a person's lean mass and total
fat mass. It can be done by various methods such as DEXA scan,
hydrostatic weighing, skinfold callipers, bio impedance tests.

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