Bra sizes: is a UK 32F the same as a US 32DDD?

I’m a UK 32F and having difficulty with the American sizing system – is it worth trying a 32DDD? So confused. Please help.

4 Answers

  • a UK E is the same as a USDDD.

    No it’s not worth buying DDD or DDDD. The UK has better bras for larger cup sizes.

  • A UK 32F would be a US 32G. You could try a 32DDD, but it might be too small. Depends on how the bra is cut.

  • I’m pretty sure a US 32DDD is a UK 32E, but I may be wrong. It’s worth trying it, but you might want to try the next size up as well.

  • 32f Uk To Us

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