can a guinea pig have pretzels?

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  • NO. No carbs they are strict vegetarians and don't need snacks/etc, but especially not salted ones. If you do give them some, they should only get a very small bite on one. Just a pinch, and not everyday. This is the major cause of obesity and health problems in guinea pigs though. Although they look cute when they beg for human food and crave it, it is very unhealthy for them. And, that isn't fair to them b/c they don't know better

    Source(s): 2 GPs currently
  • NO! Do not give your guinea pig anything except fruits/veggies, hay, and pelleted food. Their little bodies can't digest dairy, milk, bread etc. Although they are vegetarians, I still wouldn't suggest giving them pretzels. If they can't get it in the wild, then don't give it to them. Their bodies are not meant to digest things like this. Besides, he probably wouldn't like it anyway. and pretzels are WAY too salty. Try giving him fresh parsley or something. 🙂

    Good luck with your piggie!

  • It's not going to kill them, but it's not going to help them either. In short, no, you shouldn't feed them pretzels - especially if they're salted. If you want to give your piggy a treat, try a fresh piece of fruit or vegetable, or a nice salad (no iceberg lettuce!).

  • No they cant have things with salt like prestles,chips or french fries!

  • bread/wheat isn't a staple in GP food. one is okay but i don't think many piggies would eat them. give them veggies and fruits!- that what they really like anyway!

    Source(s): i have 2 guinea pigs
  • No, it might mess up his health and you don't want to do that. I don't take a chance with mine because I LOVE him that much.

  • no u should not feed foods like that to piggies... 🙁

  • don't give them salted ones.




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