Can dogs drink apple juice?

I have a two year old beagle a few months ago I was drinking some apple juice, then he gave me the eyes and I couldn’t resist giving him some. About three times a week I’ve been giving him small amounts. I haven’t noticed any problems but could there be any long term effects?

The apple juice is 100% all natural motts

7 Answers

  • The added sugar isn’t very good for him but the juice won’t hurt him. I don’t give my dog juice however he and I share an apple every day (without the seeds). He is 1 1/2 now and perfectly healthy!

    Tarielle-do NOT feed the whole apple-the seeds contain cyanide which is not good for dogs (or anyone!)

  • Can Dogs Drink Apple Juice

  • Yes. your dog wont be affected but it would be smarter to find apple juice that doesn’t use unnatural sweetener (with added sugar). But it wont hurt your dog in the least so dont worry about it

  • They can drink apple juice but once it comes out the other end it wont be as pleasant..

  • The short answer is yes you can but I would feed him the whole apple instead.

  • Not that I know of. But if he should develop diarrhea, I would cut back, or stop it all together.

  • No nothing will happen to him..

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