Can floss threaders be reused?

They're sold in packs of 25 implying that they're disposable, but how many times is it actually safe to use one?

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  • Sure, you can reuse it several times. After use, take a kleenex, pull the threader between your thumb and forefinger holding a kleenex tight. Or to be really sanitary, splash a little alcohol on the kleenex.

    It's not like reusing floss ... more like reusing your toothbrush.

  • Have you ever sewn anything?! Its like that. Put the floss through the threader. All the way so that the two ends of the floss are touching. Thread it through where ever you need it to be. Then hold one end of the floss and pull the other end through by pulling on the threader.

  • They're reusable. Use your discetion.

    No one ever died from reusing a floss threader more than once.

  • Talk about defeating the object:

    Its got dirt on it. It takes the dirt out of your teeth then you leave it lying around and then put the dirt back into your mouth! This is how bugs spread.

  • that's funny! i reuse mine. maybe three times. it gets smelling spitty then its time to throw it out. gross huh- what a funny question

  • only once bcoz once you have used them bacteria settles on the threads which is not good for is do not be penny wise and pound foo--------

  • Untill they are no good anymore. Or break. 🙂

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