Can hayfever make you feel tired?

I know if you take medication it can make you feel tired but can hayfever make you feel tired anyway without any medication? I normally get hayfever symptoms around this time of year, nothing too bad just sneezing quite a bit and my eyes are quite sore. I would say my symptoms are relatively mild compared to alot people who suffer from hayfever. However the worst symptom I get by far is tiredness, my eyes feel heavy and I feel very tired. I got home from work this afternoon, sat on the sofa and fell asleep for 4 hours solid which is very unlike me. Has anyone else experienced this and is it normal to to feel tired when you have hayfever?

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  • Dan: You bet allergies can make you feel tired! It is a common symptom that is often overlooked. A zillion years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. I was tired all the time and just dragged myself around. I didn’t accept the first doctor’s diagnosis and when I had some testing done, it turned out my “chronic fatigue” was uncontrolled allergies. Once I got my allergies under control, my energy level returned.

    You need to get your hayfever under control so you can function again. Are you using a nasal irrigation system to flush the pollen out when you come inside? Also, you need to wash your hair and change clothes and shower when you have been out. Don’t come inside and lay on the couch..all you are doing is transferring the allergens in the pollens that stuck to your clothes and hair to the couch. Now, next time you sit on the couch, it is just like being outside in the pollen.

    Get a denaturing agent like ADMS quick and spray the couch. Then start following the procedures for controlling hay fever. I’ll give you a link to an article to read.

    You might also think about getting an air filter to keep the pollen out of the house. Of course you keep the doors and windows closed…right?

  • I’ve been a allergy/hayfever sufferer for about 20 years now and it really depends. I’m kinda to the point where benadryl doesn’t make me sleepy… if I take only 1 and whether or not I’m up and moving or sitting down. I have noticed when my nose is stuffy I do have less energy than normal, but my doctor told me its because I’m working harder to breathe. If you suffer from asthma, it could be inflammation causing the difficulty breathing and as such you do require more energy than normal to breathe, which in the long run causes fatigue. However, it’s possible that you were just tired and needed a nap.

    Good luck on the homework & try to get a little extra sleep at nights.

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  • Glad I found this, been wondering same question for ages now. Ive stopped hay fever medication as I def thought it was this making me soooo lethargic, however I still feel the same.

  • yes, for years now, i’ve felt completely exhausted for about 2 months,may/june,apart from all the other symptoms that accompany hay fever, then about august the tiredness just goes, it’s horrible, as i haven’t got energy to do what i want to do.

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