Can i buy phentramin-d at a store or just online?

No, I am not looking for phentermine, i know you have to have a RX for that, i want phentramin-d but I don't want to buy it online, would prefer to buy it at a store.

phentermine worked wonders for me, but i moved away from my doc who i got it from.... not sure how to get a new one to give me the RX???

4 Answers

  • Phentermine has heart vavlue issues.

  • I was worried about ordering phentramin-d online too, but you cannot buy phentramin-d in stores. The good news is that i did end up buying it from a website that looked pretty trustworthy and official and i had no problems. i received my pills in just a few days and i love it already. no troubles with using my credit card either and they don't have any membership requirements. if you're interested in buying from the same place the website is

    All the Best!

  • I bought one like that in December From Nieman Marcus, its a Kathy Van Zeeland bag though. Try Macys, Nordstroms, Nieman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

  • Phentermine D

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