Can I delete these from startup ‘mspy2002, phime2002async, phime2002a, pcdrprofiler?

I heard they were for internet explorer (which i dont use) to translate chinese to english or something.

Just wanting to know if its safe to delete them because i dont wont things running unnecessarily.

3 Answers

  • You can disable them instead of deleting by :

    1.Click Start >

    2.Select Run

    3.Type in MSCONFIG

    4.Select the STARTUP tab

    5.Disable them, then restart

    if any problems simply go back and re-enable them

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    I really like your suggestion, Markky. It's fair, it's doable, and it's community-oriented. Unfortunately though, this isn't really about community, regardless of what Y!A says. It's about providing content for the sponsors' ads on the right of the page. Y!A wants Q&A that are going to get lots of search engine hits and click throughs. That's why they're so against 'chatting' and the like. The report-bots are useful to them because it means we never really know why something was yanked. Your idea is excellent. Is there any way we can get a petition going?

  • Phime2002a

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