Can I eat beef jerky with braces?

My dad bought some jerky and I reallyyyyy want some 🙁

3 Answers

  • I ate anything I wanted with my braces and never broke a bracket in the 8 years I wore them. You have to use common sense though, like know that you can't chomp on ice cubes or anything really sticky like caramel pieces because it'll bend the wire and possibly break it. I'd think beef jerky would be just fine to eat.

  • you can eat anything with braces and when I say anything, I mean EVERYTHING =D. dentists just like 2 scare people 2 encourage them to take care of their teeth so why not go and enjoy a bowl of suger with that delicious beef jerkey...


  • eat whatever you want

    i ate everything when i had braces and nothing ever happened to my brackets or anything

    EAT IT

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