Can I eat chips with braces?

I just got my spacers and I am getting my braces next week. They gave me a whole list of what I CANT eat with braces and when I saw chips there I was like what?? aren't eating ships kind of the same as eating food why am I not allowed to eat chips. Should I eat chips anyway???

Thank you all of your answers make sense I am going to pick a best answer soon! 🙂

6 Answers

  • I don't see why you can't eat chips??? wth???

    I think when I had braces I pretty much just ate anything I wanted too, never did mine any harm.

    I had braces for absolutely ages but not cause my teeth weren't getting any better, it was cos my orthodontist was a criminal and was trying to get more money.

    He is now in prison for that very same reason.

    So watch your orthodontist carefully.

    Back to the chips thing, yeah go for it, eat whatever you like.

    Although after you've had your braces tightened each time, you won't be able to eat much, just stuff like soup and yoghurts, but that won't last too long.

    Also each time you get your braces tightened if the pain ever gets too bad and too irritating then bite down on the end of a pencil. Thats what I used to do.

  • I had braces for about 6 years, it was horrible the week before I got them I ate a how pack of Juicyfruit thinking I would never be able to chew it again b/c it was my favorite thing in the world. then I got my braces on and was bummed I asked the orthos helper and she said that it wouldnt hurt them at all. and I had a peice of gum about a week later after the pain went away and it never once got caught in my braces NEVER, so eat chips eat whatever you want. if they break or pop of get it fixed no big deal it doesnt hurt one bit. just make sure you carry around toothpicks b/c sadly you will have to pick out the crap in them. Good Luck!!!

  • I have braces, and the reason why you can't eat chips is because the crumbs will poke your gums and it will hurt real bad, and add that to the pain of getting braces (your mouth will kill you real bad an hour after you get your braces). So when your braces don't hurt anymore, you can start eating chips.

  • I have had my braces for almost a year and I do eat chips, and chew gum (only sugar free).

    Also take some Tylenol or Advil right after you get your braces on, I wasn't in any pain after I got them on, so I went to sleep and four hours later woke up in pain. Good luck.

  • i just got my braces tuesday,and no they dont hurt they just feel weird..but today i tried to eat doritos and it hurt a little..but my ortho said you can eat pringles.But sooner or later your going to get used to your braces and start eating chips again!

  • No, you can, I eat them with braces. When you get them on, try taking some painkillers if you can't take the pain.

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