Can I eat frenchfries if I have BRACES?!?

I want to eat french fries, some of them are kindaa crispyy ,and i got my braces yesteday. ADVICE?!

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  • Go ahead, the only thing I do not advise eating is Carmel or really sticky foods, and try to cut back on your pop intake. It is ok to chew gum if it is sugar free. I imagine you may be a little sore, it'll go away in a few or so.

  • Hi. Having just gotten your braces you should stick to a soft diet for the next week...I suspect the braces will put enough pressure on the teeth that you won't want crispy food for a week or so. Good luck and I wish you well.

    The Denture Pro.

  • Yes course...

    The orthadontist gives you a list of stuff you cant eat but over time you do anyway and it wont break as easily.

    but avoid really chew stuff like toffee e.t.c because it breaks your brace trust me been there done that.

    I chew gum but it ca get stuck in your brace :/

  • i have braces too. but its been a year. i suggest since you got them yesterday you might want to wait a few days because even for me it was a week until the soreness went away =( but you can try if they are soft enough but if they're crispy then probably not...

  • I had them and I was fine, the only thing you shouldn't eat is caramel and sugar free gum

  • Yes. Just try to avoid Gum and caramel.

  • Maybe not for a week or so, but afterwards, sure.

  • yes u can just take your time chewing.

  • yes you can eat it. I had then today

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