can i eat m&m with braces?

4 Answers

  • When I had braces, the orthodontist gave me a list of things NOT to eat. (That happens with everyone.) Things like nuts, chips, carmel, etc. where on there. MM's you CAN eat. And mostly everything on that NOT to eat list, you actually can eat. They just want you to be careful. Don't eat things like sticky or hard candies, but don't go overboard and ONLY eat things like soup. Eventually, you will be able to discern what and what not to eat. Hope that helps.

  • I'm pretty dang sure ;] I have braces and I'm snacking on peanut M&Ms right now. Just be really careful, I guess. I mean, unless your orthodontist specifically told you not to eat M&Ms, or that "category" of candy. I've never had a bracket come off because of any food I've eaten. Again, just be really careful, I guess.

    Sooooo... to sum that all up, yes, you can eat M&Ms with braces.

  • yes

  • yeah. i do all the time xD

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