can i gain height using heightex medicine?

i am a 15 year old guy and 5'5 dad is 5'8 and mom 4'11..i h've been the same height since i had my growth spurt around 12 to 13..i grew just around half an inch or so since my aunt suggested me to take "HEIGHTEX" u have to consume at least 2 ltrs of milk everyday along with it and also it effective???has anyone used it before???btw i also have lot of body hair and facial hair since 14....

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  • No.

    You should exercise a lot, to maximise your physical potential, and drinking plenty of milk can help to provide good nutrition for all that activity.

    If taking heightex will motivate you to do the exercises, and drink the milk (as well as learning more about the rest of your nutritional needs so that your overall diet can properly support your training, then you should take it.

    At 15, you are likely to experience at least one more growth spurt before you stop growing (between 19 & 22, typically). Some people don't, but 12 or 13 would be an unusually early age for your final one. Taking the heightex won't make any difference to whether you do, or don't, grow any taller.

    But the exercises will make sure that you have the best physique possible for whatever height you end up being.

  • No dont ever use medicines ! Those have side effects! Here is what u need to do!!

    U said u r 15 means u have three years to work on ur height!

    Set ur schedule first!

    When u wake up in the morning, drink pure protein shake and then go for exercise! Play basket ball or do alot of jumping! U can stretch ur self by hanging on a tree or something! The more to stretch ur body means higher chances of getting better height!

    Now u said u ve alot of hairs well u can either trim it or bleach it! The only thing about triming is u will start getting thicker hair ! So dont trim it or shave it! Both r worst options!

    Remember having hairs on body is a sign of mature man! So be the way u r!

  • It sounds like you matured earlier than average, based on your description. You just take after your mothers shortness a bit more, but thats nothing to be ashamed of. The supplements won't work if your growth plates have closed (not that they would do much anyway). If you see a doctor he can do an x-ray to check if they are open or not -- that will give you a definitive answer as to whether you're done growing or not. Other than that all you can do is accept who you are and embrace your height. 5'5 isn't so bad, some guys dont even grow past 5'2.

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  • Heightex Homeopathic Medicine

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    Some grow to 21 & it's up to nature. Supplements are not proven to help height gain.

  • We are all born with a genetic predisposition to how tall we can actually grow. That doesn't mean our future height is completely out of our control. Proper diet plays a major role in reaching your body's maximum height potential. In addition to proper nutrition, some may be interested in alternatives to achieving maximum growth. If you are interested in homeopathic remedies to make you taller.

  • No !! Dont use it i had researched upon it and they say not to eat any medicine to gain height u can do exercies and eat lots of protien and amino acids like L Arginine source food items.. This can grow ur height 3-5inh .

  • ive never heard of hightex but it sounds like a fad.

    all the calcium in the milk may help you grow

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