can i get provera & clomid over the counter without prescription?

How can i get my menstruation back?? My Dr(fertility Clinic put me on Lucrine Depot 11.25 in July the 8th to treat the fibroids for possible ivf procedure. My periods did not come back after 3months as supposed to until todate.

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  • try craigslist. Use the ALL OF CRAIGSLIST search engine. Also try

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  • No you can not get provera over the counter.. Trust me I tried! Its against all FDA laws. 🙁 Clomid you would not want to get over the counter because you have to be on dosages for your body. Sorry hon.. Got you a regular obgyn you can get on the provera without insurance thinking its fertility related, the clomid though you can get a prescribtion for and pay FULL price from doctor. I had to do it that way so insurance would not ask 🙂

  • You can buy provera & clomid online without prescription. And about ivf procedure you can also have free quote from PlacidWay or Visit this list of IVF clinic India:,Infertility-...

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  • Yes you can! you can buy them online you dont need a prescription for the same.

    check that out!

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