Can I go to an 18+ concert if I go with a parent?

I bought tickets to see Neutral Milk Hotel in Port Chester New York. I bought the tickets, seeing no mention of an age restriction on the website, but once they were actually mailed to me I saw tiny print on them saying "18 and over". I will be 16 at the time of the concert. My mom told me not to worry because she would be going with me. So I was just wondering if I would be let in if I was with a parent.

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  • According to the official venue site, as long as your mom is with you, you'll get in just fine.

    A show is 18 & over, can I bring my child?

    The Capitol Theatre is 18 & Over (unless otherwise noted). Parents or legal guardians may escort their underage children (ages 5 and above). Everyone must have a ticket, and parents/guardians must remain with their children at all times.

  • Yeah, I think the "18+" thing just means that you have to be at least 18 to go BY YOURSELF. So yeah, you will be fine hopefully.


  • You'll be okay. Enjoy the gig.

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