Can I use DayQuil for dirty sprite?

Can I use DayQuil instead of NyQuil for my dirty sprite? Thanks!

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  • You can do whatever you want. But it's safer to use Robitussin that contains ONLY dxm. DayQuil and NyQuil are filled with other things for colds like acetaminophen that can mess up your liver really fast when you take too much. Some Robitussin has a drug that's an expectorant that will make you nauseated. None of this is quite safe, but you know that. However since you're going to do it, very good idea to just invest in DXM only stuff. Safer.

  • Dayquil Uses


    This definition states the dirty sprite is a drink made from illegal drugs or medications used illegally. This is against Yahoo Answers Guidelines (FYI).

    You may make the substitution but the drink being altered will not still have the same effect.

    I recommend Al-anon.

  • probably but its missing the codeine of other cough medicine.

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