can my dog eat chicken broth?

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  • Not as it’s only food, but yes, chicken broth is great to have on hand. Low sodium is better.

    I always have it on hand. You can use to encourage a dog to drink, to flavor kibble, and to add to chicken and rice if the dog’s tummy is upset.

    I started keeping it on hand at all times after this incident:

    I was cleaning the bathroom. I stupidly put the toilet bowl cleaner down on the floor, and when I turned around, Jessie was licking it! The package said to force fluids, so did Poison Control. Great advice, but, have you ever tried to force a dog to drink??

    It took me a minute to remember I had 3 quarts of chicken broth in the cupboard. Jessie drank them all. Of course she had to pee about every ten minutes for the next 2 hours, but that was fine with me!

    Now I ALWAYS have chicken broth on hand. We use it when her stomach is upset, if she’s been loose to get her drink more, etc. Awesome stuff an cheap, too!

  • Can Dogs Eat Chicken Broth

  • Why “diet” food? Usually, weight issues can be resolved by decreasing the regular food food and increasing exercise; no need for a “diet” food. If you are set on “diet” food, change the food slowly so she gets used to it. 25% food A, 75% food B 50% food A, 50% food B 75% food A, 25% food B 100% food A Set a feeding time once or twice a day (if you are feeding twice, remember to cut the portion in half, so the dog doesn’t get twice the food it actually should). Call the dog to you, give the dog her food, and allow her 15 minutes to eat it. After the 15 minutes have passed, pick up the bowl, regardless if she has eaten any food or not. She will learn to eat it. (Don’t worry, a dog won’t starve itself.) Don’t give any ‘extras’ either, like biscuits, treats, etc., until the dog is consistently eating it’s food. .

  • yes. if you put it in kibbles, it can boost the flavoring and make it more preferable for the dog, however it will make it soggy after a while too and the dog won’t want to eat that. its good for if the dog is not feeling well either. chicken broth however is high in sodium for the dog and is not a very good source of nutrients, so i would not put a ton of it into the dog’s diet

  • dogs can consume chicken broth, they’ll be fine. just not large amounts

  • Not as a meal.

    But if your wanting to use it to soften dry kible it won’t hur your dog. We added it to our puppies kibble. And if an animal gets sick we give it to them to encourage fluid intake.

  • year sure no problemb

    but rember if you have a small dog don’t give it much

  • yes

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