Can our stomach digest fingernails?

I've been a nail biter all my life and I'm just paranoid if there is a negative effect on my body. I saw this clip from Ripley's where an Indian girl had her stomach oƿє-ṅєd to remove 5 ounces of hairball. Yikes.

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  • just think of this: a drop of stomach acid can burn a hole through a carpet. the only reason it does not burn through our stomachs is because our stomachs have a lining of mucus inside of it. and by the way, not all of ripleys clips are real. so no its not harmful for your stomach to bite your nails. if it was, i wouldnt be around to type this. i bite my nails too.

  • Don't swallow your fingernails! Spit 'em out and then this afternoon go get a nail file and start keeping them smooth so you won't be tempted to bite them.

    If you insist on keeping up with the nail biting, and if you just can't bring yourself to spit fingernail shards all over your surroundings, then I think if you bite off small enough pieces they'll just pass through, maybe scratching you a little on the way out, but probably they won't digest. As for the Indian girl with the hairball - now SHE'S got problems! Don't bite your nails. It spreads germs.

    Source(s): I bit my nails as a kid and quit by keeping a nice manicure.
  • hmm thats a good question, I am also a nail bitter and I have wondered the same thing, but i dont know if it is a health problem or not, I hope that its not. I would go to webmd and ask that question there. Good Luck

  • so quit swallowing your nails, geez, if you have to bite em off, at least spit em out. ewwwwwwwww, gross habit.

    Source(s): RN
  • i think they come out in your poop

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