Can some one explain to me which planets have male and which have female energy?

Can some one help guide me in what planets are? Is Earth a "female" is the sun a "male"?


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  • Yes, though usually it's signs which are more often referred to as either "feminine" or "masculine" as well as being defined by an element (fire, earth, air or water) and a quality (cardinal, fixed, mutable.) However, it's easy to parse out which planets are masculine by the signs they correspond with. Mars, for example - with it's association with Aries -- is considered Masculine. The general rule as I understand is that earth (Cap, Virgo, Taurus) and water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) are "feminine" and fire (Sag, Aries, Leo) and air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) are "masculine."

    Planets associated with those signs - generally - follow the sex but there are exceptions. Saturn, for example, which rules Capricorn (a "feminine" sign) is considered "masculine" as a planet. Mercury is arguably neither. And of course, planets are always combined with signs -- so there is plenty of combos where a masculine planet falls in a feminine sign. Uranus in Pisces, for example.

    Masculine vs. Feminine is really just a way to interpret the energy of the planet or sign. I wouldn't think of it in conventional terms -- like if you're Sun is in a feminine sign, you're more girly (not that you are.) Masculine, in the cosmic sense, means ACTIVE, dynamic, creative, mental, aggressive ... YANG energy. A feminine luminary, like the Moon, is defined as being more receptive, relationship-oriented, emotional ... YIN energy.

    Venus -- goddess of love and beauty, diplomacy, human relatedness ... is feminine. Uranus -- God of the sky, disruption, mental machinations, brilliant strategist -- is masculine. You can actually look back to Greek and Roman myth which make it pretty clear who which was considered a God and which a Goddess.

    In sum, you got Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun in the masculine category and Venus, the Moon, Neptune in the feminine. From what I read Mercury (though "he" has come down to us as a messenger of the Gods) -- as far as the energy is concerned -- could be either feminine or masculine. "He's" not incredibly dynamic or aggressive like other masculine planets but he is mental -- his feminine qualities might be that he's communicative and fosters relationship, though mostly in the role as messenger between heavenly wisdom and earthly realities. Pluto, I'd argue is feminine, but this seems to be undecided amongst astrologists (and my categories may above may not be endorsed 100 percent by the community, but I think most would concur).

    Take care.

  • Your question relates to planets. Male planets are Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and some include Uranus.

    Female planets are Moon, Venus, Neptune, and some include Pluto

    Mercury is neutral, neither male nor female and it takes on the color and gender of the planet it is in conjunction with.

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