Can someone explain 100 floors level 70?

I know how to complete the level the right left right etc

I completed the level

But how r u supposed to figure out the pattern? What's the hint?

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  • Hey, it's:









    Hope I've helped! 🙂

  • ‎1 L 5

    1 R 2

    2 R 7

    2 L 10

    3 R 10

    3 L 9

    4 R 1

    4 L 8

    5 R 7

    5 L 2

    6 L 1

    6 R Space Ship

    7 R 5

    7 L 3

    8 R 6

    8 L 2

    9 L 1

    9 R 4

    10 R 5

    10 L 2


    to get to 6, the only way is thru room 8

    to room 8 only thru room 4

    to room 4 only thru room 9

    to room 9 only thru 3

    to room 3 only thru 7

    to 7 either 2 or 5

    from 1 L goes 5 R 7 L 3 L 9 R 4 L 8 R 6 or

    from 1 R goes 2 R 7 L 3 L 9 R 4 L 8 R 6

  • I want to say it has to do with the bar at the top where there is an irregular color scale. As you can see the left and right of the door have bars that resemble the beginning and end of the top bar. The left bar also goes dark to light so this may mean, since its on the left, that all dark to light changes at the top are left arrows and right is just the opposite. The end resembles the right bars and therefore the last move would be an automatic right. This would be the pattern with this ideology assuming the long white interval is actually two intervals (D = darker therefore right, L = lighter therefore left):


    This doesn't really work though because none of the increments are even and they have to be to say that large LL section is, in fact, two intervals so to solve it you can consider the end and beginning to be auto left and right, respectively, because of their correlation to the bars on the side of the door then (S = start therefore left, E = end therefore right):


    This yields:


    this brings you to room 6 and the arrow to the spaceship is pointing right so why not hit the right arrow again.

    This worked and is so hard to explain so I hope my awkward explanation helped even though i could be completely wrong.

  • It doesn't matter the pattern you only have to get from 1 to 6, each room goes to one to the left and one to the right, you have to get it to room 6!

    For example number 1 has 2 on it's right and 5 on it's left and it's always that.

    Knowing that you have to figure out how to reach room 6.

    Hope It helps!

  • I believe the images behind the alien are the figuring out how it tells you whether to go left or right I can't seem to figure out either. I'm guessing the images have some sort of meaning or possibly the location of the image in the world has something to do with it.

    -Mustache Cat

  • I'm not sure, but I think it might be the only way to get the alien to each room 1-9. I tried other combinations of arrows and always missed at least one room number.

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