Can someone please give me an unused sims 2 seasons serial code please?

4 Answers

  • LMEE-PPJW-7DTU-692A-D2R2


    The codes above should work. Below is a Keygen. It generates a new serial every time you click it. Although the codes above should work perfectly fine, if you want the keygen it is towards the bottom. You have to scroll until you see The Sims 2 Seasons. Then download it and unzip it. When you are installing it to the point where it asks for the code, open the program and click generate code.

  • Sims 2 Seasons Serial Code

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    No we don't give out serials because it's a breach of the copyright law and the T&C of this site. NOW GO & BUY THE GAME

  • you need one too

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