Can u drown in the shower?

7 Answers

  • Of Course.

    You can drown in six inches of water from a puddle, if you please.

    However, the mind will not allow your body to stay under those conditions for very long. Breathing is a subconscious action and we will do it no matter what-- until you are out cold. As your mind tells you to breathe, your body is under the water.I guarantee you wont force yourself to stay under there. It is all in the mind. The reason people drown, is because they have no choice to get out. When in the shower, or other area where not much water is being produced, you can move away, unless being withheld there. The mind and body are taught to avoid death at all costs--- for the most part at least.

  • yes, though it's not really likely

    if you say pass out and have water pour into you mouth long enough you might die of a death similar to drowning

  • u can drown in a teaspoon of water

  • Not very easy but ya.

  • im thinkin so. like if you look up at the water and breathe in... ya..

  • yes with shame only. LOL

  • if your a baby!! but i dont thinks ur a baby!! so i would say NO!!!

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