Can you change a phone jack to an electrical plug outlet if there is one right next to it?

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  • You cannot change a phone plug into an electrical outlet.. You can remove the phone jack and run a wire off the existing electrical outlet to another electrical outlet using the correct 110/240v electrical outlet. It is easy..

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  • Phone Jack Power Outlet

  • Okay let me try at my best explanation... If you attempt to do this you will need to totally remove the phone line from the area so there is no chance of electrical current going through the phone line, plus the electrical current will greatly interfere with the reception of the telephone line if it is to close. Also the best place to actually run the wire is through the attic, Not running across a wall. You'll need to hire a licensed electrician to make sure it gets done by code and there is no chance of burning down the house.

  • No you can not!!!

    If your talking about using the same whole in the wall and the same back box and looping cables across from the existing socket and then just changing the front of the phone jack to a socket face then as barrack would say YES YOU CAN!!!! remember to use 2.5mm cable as the loop!!!

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