Can you eat smoked sausage raw?

I was wondering if it is bad to eat "Smoked sausage" raw......Cause I am doing right now....And I have done it in the past....

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  • Yes - the smoking has the same effect as cooking or drying.

  • Most comercially produced smoked sausages are not sold raw, but are cooked before being packaged and sold. However, for those claiming smoking is cooking, no it is not all of the time. There are cold/low temp smoking processes such as those used for bacon and some hams.

  • Yes. Smoking inherently cooks the meat

  • Smoking foods is a way of cooking them. Smoked sausage is served without cooking. I like it sliced and put on a Ritz cracker with a wedge of cheese

  • It totally depends on where it's been. Was it just oƿє-ṅєd? Has it been it refrigerated? Did someone open the package and leave it out overnight? I'd say if it's fresh, clean and hasn't been sitting out at room temp. for a while it's safer to eat.

  • Its "smoked" sausage - it has been cooked ...

  • yea me mom makes me sausage raw all mornings

  • Most will probably say no, but most of the time they are safe to eat.

  • smoked = cooked

  • yes

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