Can you explain this? math problem? please help!!!?

8th grade math, ive been sitting ere for 2 hours and i need someone to explain it.



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  • first distribute the 21

    42 - 21x + 12x = 44

    combine the x's

    42 - 9x = 44

    then subtract 42 from both sides

    -9x = 2

    divide both sides by -9

    x = -2/9

  • First, you distribute the 21 to everything in the parenthesis. That would give you 42-21x+12x=44.

    Second, you combine like terms: 42-9x=44

    Third, subract 42 from boith sides: -9x=2

    Fourth, divide both sides by -9: x= 2/-9

  • ok. here are the steps and how they're done.

    1. 42 - 21x + 12x = 44. (distributive property.)

    2. 42 - 9x = 44 (-21x + 12x)

    3. -9x = 2 (subtract 42 from both sides)

    4. x = -2/9 (divide both sides by -9)

    if that's not right, well it's late, I'm tired, and I did that in my head.

  • step one: distribute the 21 over the (2-x). so you have 42+21x+12x=44.

    step two: combine like-terms; add the 21x and 12x together. now you have 42+33x=44.

    step three: subtract the 42 from both sides, now you have 33x=2.

    step four: divide both sides by 33 and you have x=2/33

  • multiply (2-x) by 21 to get 42-21x+12x=44

    combine like terms of -21x and 12x to get 42-9x=44

    get the variable alone on one side by first subtracting 42 on both sides to get -9x=2

    then get the variable alone further by dividing -9 on both sides to get x=negative 2/9

    i hope this helps

  • it's very easy......






  • try paying attention in class

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