Can you have both an overbite and an under bite?

Ok so I've had an overbite for years now, and now all of a sudden this year I've noticed that when I say certain words, my bottom teeth go over my top teeth. Mainly the right side of my bottom teeth like the front ones. So my chin sticks out when I say certain words and it's like I have an under bite. I've also been having a stiff jaw too. And to add on to that, I've been having minor problems with my speech such as pronouncing the "r" word in "remember" or "room". And other words such as "going" and "gonna". I was thinking that I might have had a mini stroke but I'm not fully sure. What could this be?

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  • When you close your mouth and the back molars (top and bottom) fit into each other like a groove, if your top front teeth go over the bottom teeth, it's an overbite. If the bottom front teeth are pushed forward, it's an underbite. You can't really have both.

    Since it seems to only happen when you're speaking or moving your jaws, it sounds more like a muscle or neurological issue -- your muscles are pushing your jaw bones a certain way causing your teeth to form an underbite and causing you to slur your words or have other speech issues.

    You should definitely schedule an appointment to see your doctor because for this to just suddenly occur, something is wrong and you need to be checked out.


    An underbite is an abnormal protrusion (jutting out) of the lower jaw, so your bottom teeth would jut out ahead of your top teeth. This is a malformation of both the jaw line and the teeth and can either be hereditary (usually) or caused by trauma (severe trauma like a broken jaw). It's not something that would just occur out of nowhere. That's why if it's happening along with the slurring of words and other speech problems, you really need to see a doctor ASAP.

  • Why not post a photo of you teeth so we can help you with a correct answer? Because both an overbite and an under bite are placed on top part of your mouth, your bottom teeth has nothing to do with an under bite.

  • I have an overbite on my left side and my front but my back right teeth I have an underbite

  • you should go see a doctor. this could be something serious.

    & no, you can't have an overbite & an underbite at the same time.

  • You must be blond.

  • No it is not possible

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