Can you make yourself more ticklish?

I have a tickling ƒᴇtıꜱɦ and Was just wondering if you could become more ticklish or on different parts of your body that your not ticklish on?

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  • There are a few techniques you can employ to increase sensitivity. The most notable one being the application of lotion or baby oil to the area beforehand. The wearing of nylons can also make an individual more sensitive in many cases. I've also heard a rumor that eating large quantities of vanilla can have an effect but I have no idea as to it's credibility. Blindfolding and other forms of sensory deprivation can also work.

  • Physically, I have not come across any way to enforce increased ticklishness. But the more you understand about how, why and when you're ticklish or more ticklish, the better your chances of maximizing your ticklishness. I knew someone once whose feet were only ticklish very shortly after strenuous exercise, for instance. And many people have individual differences in how they respond to being tickled by particular people or in particular circumstances. Some people, for instance, quickly grow accustomed to familiar ticklers and respond less, while for others, just knowing they're going to be tickled by someone who knows them thoroughly can do half the work and have them practically laughing before the tickling starts. Experimentation is the key, perhaps, and can certainly provide lots of fun along the way.

  • Not inherently or permanently. However, there are certain ways to artificially (and temporarily) increase sensitivity. Heat tends to increase sensitivity, because blood vessels widen and nerves become stimulated. Reducing friction by using things like lotion can also be devastating.

    Other than that, I don't know of any ways. Sensory deprivation such as blindfolding may make it feel worse, but that's more a psychological thing.

  • Even if one could, I wouldn't want to be more ticklish.

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  • would think so as i made myself not ticklish

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