Can you microwave bagels?

I'm in the mood for a bagel. I have plain ones. And I dont know how to use the toaster LOL cause I'm only 12 and I really dont want to burn the house down. So can you microwave bagels? And how long?

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  • Microwave for 10 seconds and your bagel should be fine.

    If your bagel is frozen, use 25 seconds.

    If you microwave any bread for too long, it gets steamy and rubbery, and can very easily burn you with hot steam.

  • you can just cut the bagel in half. but its kind of gross putting it in the microwave. it depends what kind of toaster you have. If you have a toaster like for bread then you can put it in that without burning the house down. just watch it the whole time so you dont burn it. you can't cause a fire using a toaster =P

  • I wrap mine in a paper towel and microwave them about 15-20 seconds. They'll be chewy, I like 'em like that.

  • yes you can well if i were you i would put it on 10 seconds first and if iits still cold then put it on for 5 more senconds and dont put steal in a microwave

  • sure you can but they won't get crisp, only soft and if you microwave them too long they will get tough.

    Only for 30 second at a time until nice and warm.

  • yes but be carful not to put it on too high or for too long as bread gets very very hrd if micro'd too long. try fifteen secs at a time.

  • i woulnd microwave bagels because they need to be toasted!!! they would probably taste extra hott and they wouldnt be good and toasty!!!

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