Can you tell me is Starburst candy halal?

i have candy's at my house that are starburst and i need to know if they are halal. and thank you for answering =)

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  • This is a tough question, because the enforcement of Halal rules varies from country to country in strictness. Starburst candies DO contain gelatin, which is an animal bi-product. Common application of Halal rules would classify gelatin as carrion or improperly slaughtered. In addition, SOME gelatin may contain pork products. It is far less common, but strictly haraam! It IS possible to call Mars, Incorporated (the manufacturer) to verify the source of the gelatin, but I suspect you are better off NOT eating the candies. There are many items of candy that are NOT haraam, and you can often tell simply by ready the ingredient list. Animal products of ANY sort really should only be consumed when they have been appropriately slaughtered. You may wish to check with your Imam, but often, choosing Kosher/Pareve items from the Jewish / Middle Eastern area of the market will satisfy Halal requirements. As always, it is best to defer to your spiritual leader if you have more difficulty questions about a specific item. Bright blessings!

  • It matters on whether you eat zabiha or not.

    According to this website Starburst isn't made from pork.

    So if you eat zabiha meat then according to you it isn't halal. I do not eat zabiha meat therefore I eat Starburst.

  • The gelatin Starburst is made with is beef gelatin. Therefore, if you only eat halal/zabiha beef, you should avoid it.

  • No It isnt.

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