Can you track a dog through a microchip?

I’m talking about tracking the dog if it gets lost or stolen, like a GPS. :/

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  • You can’t track a dog with a microchip, it’s not a tracking device, but if your dog gets lost and taken to a vet, or a rescue centre, they can scan the chip and the number it reads will tell them who it belongs to, and where they live, that way the dog can be reunited with you. You just need to remember that if you move house you need to update your details.

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    Can you track a dog through a microchip?

  • Not with microchip implant under their skin. The vet can

    scan the microchip when the dog is in the office for identification. But not tracking.

    Yet, there are GPS tracking collar device for dog. As long as the dog has the collar on, you will know where the dog is. They use that on hunt dog.

  • I don’t know about tracking it, but when someone finds a lost dog and take it to a vet or whomever, they look for the microchip and find out the dog’s identity and find the owner.

    I’m sure of that, though not tracking it.

  • No. Micro chips implanted in dogs or cats are intended to contain simple tracking data like an ID number. When an animal is found or recovered a Vet or shelter can use a special reader, held up to the back of the neck area of the animal, to read the ID number. They must then contact the company that maintains the database to see who the animal was last registered to so that they can contact them to return the animal.

    The chips do not “broadcast” any sort of data that can be read like a GPS tracker where you can see a moving “blip” on a map.

  • You mean like a GPS or Low-jack?

    Edit: No, it’s not a GPS device. All it means that when your dog is found and picked up, the vet or animal control people can scan for a chip and find out the owner information so that you can be contacted.

  • There was a story yesterday about a dog that got loose from his yard and was lost for 5 years. He turned up in Atlanta clear across the country in a shelter. They scanned him for a chip, which he had and was returned to his original owners.

  • You have to get your cat micro chipped at the vet because they inject it under the skin. But I don’t think you can track the animal from that on a website but if he is found they can scan him and your info will show up. You could also try a harness instead of a collar. And if you get him fixed he should wander less plus it will stop any more unwanted kitties from being born.

  • Someone could develop a microchip with gps ability and make a FORTUNE!!!

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