can you use cat shampoo on a dog?

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  • Cat shampoo is very mild. The shampoo we use for our cat has aloe and no chemicals. The reason cat shampoo has to be mild is that the cat will still clean itself and lick any residue. So it needs to be safe enough to eat. So it will be definitely OK for a dog. Dog shampoo is almost like human shampoos which is tough stuff.

  • Cat Shampoo

  • Yes, but never ever use a dog shampoo on a cat. Dog shampoos usually contain tree tea oils which are toxic to a cat.

  • yes, it doesnt do any harm to the dog. In fact most shampoos for pets are made with the same ingredients. I use cat shampoo on my dog all the time.

  • It is not the best thing, but it won't hurt the dog. However, you cannot do the opposite because cats are more sensitive that dogs, and dog shampoo can be dangerous to cats.

  • if you look on a bottle of dog shampoo and cat shampoo you will see they pretty much contain the same ingredients.

  • Cat shampoo is for cats.

  • Shampoo is just detergent so I doubt it would make a big difference

  • yes I don't see what harm it will do its pet safe

  • its shampoo...

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