can you use human conditioner on a dog?

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  • Yes, just rinse very very well. Don’t leave any on the skin to irritate.

    *I’m sorry, but if you look at the ingredients in both, they are almost identical. And it’s easy enough to find conditioner for dry skin that works just fine. Manufacturers have brainwashed most pet owners to believe that there’s something special about much of pet products when there’s usually not. And certainly not in the case of conditioners.

    All you have to do is read the label.

    Wow. The people in this section are some kind of special.

  • Dog Conditioner

  • I use Pantene Pro-v shampoo and conditioner on my dogs,the breeder I got them from suggested that I use this product,but I actually wasn’t happy with the fact it was a human product so I switched them to a dog shampoo and conditioner,after using it for about a month,there coats were so damaged and dry,so I decided to switch them back to what the breeder was using,it made a huge difference there coat is silky,shiny,soft,and just so much healthier than it was with the dog products.

    It worked well for my dogs,but other dogs might be different and they might not have the same results my dogs had.


    i do. and its not good, but we also use dogs shampoo Human shampoo is too drying for use on a dog. Use only shampoo formulated for dogs. Many human shampoos also contain chemicals that are very irritating to a dog’s skin. Many dogs break out in rashes, itching, or dandruff if human shampoo is used on them. It should only be used in an emergency.

  • yes you may, i like pantene. It does a good job, but i would dilute it so it is not full strength this way it will rinse out easier. Lots of dog show people use it. Unlike the human shampoo, the conditioner is meant to make hair soft it does the same to dogs it will not dry out the skin. Using any kind of human shampoo including baby shampoo is a no no this will dry out the skin and coat. To makeit clear I do not use pantene on my clients dogs, just on show dogs if i a have no conditioner with me.

  • yes but only in an emergency ??? when is there such an emergency that we can go ahead and use a harmful product on our dogs??? if it s “harmful” then Don t use it Period, yeah??? Otherwise say it s okay to use!!!

  • This is done more often than one might hear. The clean smell can also accomadate the dog to the arena of dog shows, though it is also the #1 arouser ever. Depending on the rare dog that totally reacts to the fresh scent block, some get along with it as a cleaning agent.

  • Yes, you can, as long as it is pH Balanced (neutral). Just keep it OUT of the dog’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

  • I guess you could, But human shampoo and conditioner usually drys out their skin. You might be able to use it once, but don’t make it a permanent thing.

  • No, it’s a different ph and it won’t work as well as a doggie creme rinse, plus it could irritate the dogs skin. You can use it if you run out of your doggie stuff or if you have a Yorkie, (they have hair, not fur) . I have a Yorkie and we use BioGroom. We use the Protein shampoo and the silky creme rinse but the company sells other for white coated dogs and black coated dogs and shedding dogs.

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