Can you wash a tattoo with dial gold antibacterial hand soap?

sorry, yes it is a new tattoo

7 Answers

  • You mean for healing? Yes you can. It's what my tattoo artist recommends. Gently lather some on your tattoo at the end of showering and rinse off. Pat dry with a clean towel (or better yet, a white paper towel) and then apply a thin layer of non-scented plain white lotion.

  • Dial Gold Soap

  • Dial Gold Body Wash

  • Yess!! Im 14 an i got my tattoo when i was 13 an they recommed i used dial bar soap

  • As long as it's unscented, it should be fine.

    I use Rocco's Old School Tattoo Balm on all of my old and new tattoo's.

    It works great. Heals my new tattoo's nicely, keeps them moisturized and protect.

    And still lets air pass through unlike Vaseline. Also makes my old tattoo's look new

    Here's their website -

  • Sure you can, but it also depends on how old your tattoo is too.

  • yessss. just make sure its NOT scented.

    and make sure you put a&d ointment on it after.

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