Cancer vs Aries?? oh my!!! who would win???

okay, so if a cancer dude fought an aries dude, who'd come out on top?

the reason i'm asking this is because i'm a cancer w/ aries rising, and i often switch from my moody, emotional cancer traits, to my aggressive, short-tempered aries traits.

so i just want to know your opinion. i promise i won't judge. lol


alright, thank you

lalalalisaaa: lol. hey there, taurus

9 Answers

  • Actually, contrary to what others have said, I'm going to go with Cancer. I've known a lot of Cancer's in my life, and they are not people to be trifled with. Aries may come off as aggressive and short tempered, but they have so much energy that it often gets directed in too many places to have a long lasting effect. They're like a violent storm that comes, and then goes. However, mess with a Cancer long enough, and those crabs will come out of their shell, and show you what they're really made of. Cancer's tend to be emotional and can hold a grudge, which makes excellent motivation in a fight. The Aries will get their anger out, and move on to the next thing, but the Cancer, much like the other water sign Scorpio, is intuitive and will be able to see through to your weaknesses, and slowly destroy you from the inside out.

    Sun/Rising: Libra

    Moon: Cancer

  • I think an Aries dude would come out on top. Aries people are straight up with their anger and if they are mad at will know! Cancers do have strong emotions too, but Aries is much more aggressive and short tempered with their anger. They are more hot headed and ready for confrontation, whereas Cancers hate confrontation.

  • Depends on if the person is male or female, but since you used the word "dude", I will assume you mean guys...

    The water signs in the men are traditionally MACHO to the MAX, so the Cancer would probably win. Aries would win if there were sports involved and not a personal thing. 🙂

  • Cancer would win and trust me I've seen a fight of both Cancer came out DANGEROUS!

  • oh wow! i am a cancer and i just love aries!

    lol i am going to have to say aries, because they are brave, they are the ram, they are the first sign (have to win), fire, and cardinal. even though cancer is cardinal too lol.

    cancer might complain about how he feels but aries will dominate, they love to be in charge. However, cancer likes to contradict himself by wanting to both protect people, yet be protected. Although, cancer can be a fighting little crab a big ram would be more scary!

    and aries boldness and braveness is ledgendary. Cancers would beat the ram in areas of emotion, because cancer is an emotional genius, and may have loads of respectful freinds fighting for cancer, but if not i would say aries.

    now i wonder what an aries/scorpio would be like =O lol

    aquarius risng

    cancer sun

    scorpio moon

  • I think that rachstar summed it up pretty well,because everyone thinks cancer's are so emotional and kind of weak,but guess what you fu** with me and i'll slam you there enough said.

  • Aries. Mars rules aries and aries is a warrior. So yeah! 😉

  • aries!

  • im a taurus


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