“Can’t be assed” or “Can’t be asked”?

When someone uses the term cba is is they can't be asked or can't be assed?

sorry I mean *arsed

7 Answers

  • Can't be asked.

  • Most scholars agree that when st paul wrote about 666 he was talking about the emperor nero who was very sᴀᴅιstic towards the christians. Ever since people have been saying that everything is the devil or the antichrist by simple play of numbers on anything.

  • Cba (mostly used in the UK) mean can't be αɾꜱεd (assed), basically meaning that they're too lazy to do something.

  • if you mean the term for can't be bothered

    it is Cant be αɾꜱεd

  • Can T Be Asked

    Source(s): https://shorte.im/bbsoh
  • Axed.

  • asked

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