Car repair loans companies?

I dont have the worlds of best credit history, but my car broke down and I don't have the full $400 to fix it and I was wondering if there were companies that actually issue car repair loans(p.s. I tried applying for credit card, but was declined) I make about $1600, help please? P.s. please don't say borrow money or just save up for it or apply for a loan at the bank, I tried it all and didnt work

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  • You've already done pretty much everything already to try (borrow from others, bank loan, credit card, etc.). Other than that, there is no magic place that exists for these things... and certainly not at low interest. You'll see advertisements for payday loan outfits, but DO NOT use them unless you have absolutely no other way of getting the money.

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  • short answer: particular, you may spend it the variety you %. long answer: Whoa, there, Hoss! you're stepping into some probable shaky floor! Is the automobile paid off, or do you nevertheless owe funds to a lender? The lender will % the automobile positioned back to that is unique subject with the intention to guard their investment. If something occurs and that they ought to repossess the automobile, they won't have the potential to sell it for that is "blue e book" fee with the intention to pay off the non-public loan. In that eventuality, you would be caught making funds on a automobile you no longer have. If the lender learns that your automobile become broken, and your coverage corporation paid you, and you probably did no longer make the maintenance, that is possible that the lender will bill you for the fee of the maintenance that weren't performed. in spite of whether the automobile is paid for, or no longer, what occurs in case you get in yet another accident and harm that area of the automobile returned? The coverage corporation expects which you had the maintenance performed (from this present day accident) and that they shrink you yet another verify to repair the automobile's harm (the wear you probably did no longer have fastened). that's coverage fraud. human beings pass to detention center daily for coverage fraud. Their coverage rules are cancelled and that they might't get coverage from the different corporation. Do you quite must be in that place? finally, we come to the aesthetics of the element. in case you haven't any longer have been given the wear fastened, you will see it daily and be unhappy with your automobile. it will malicious program you to the factor the place you the two sell the automobile (at a discounted fee because of the wear) or you restoration it your self "out of pocket". remember, that the money you get on the instant won't restoration your automobile the next day. costs for areas and exertions strengthen daily. so as that $1900 restoration, on the instant, will fee your $2900 the next day. Make sense? My suggestion? Get the automobile fastened and decrease the deductible to $500. It won't upload that lots on your costs, and interior the destiny, that is going to likely be much less perplexing on your pockets to pay for maintenance.

  • What about that loan operation that Montel Williams pimps for? Since you only need $400, you could get a small loan to cover you for a month or so.

  • It is called VISA. But you do not qualify. Otherwise there are the payday loan and title loan companies but they charge a fortune for interest.

    Otherwise you walk until you scrape up the cash.

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  • Hope this helps!

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