Catholic Gospel Values?

What are the (Catholic) gospel values?

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  • Respect for the Life and Dignity of Each Individual

    Trust in God






    Servant Leadership





  • Gospel Values

  • There was a time when Catholic Gospel values included things like not sacrificing to Caesar, or having your body cremated as a statement of belief that there is no resurrection, but times change. (Secular times change; Gospel values never change.)

    These days Catholic Gospel values would include the following Five Non-Negotiables:

    1. Abortion is wrong.

    2. Euthanasia is wrong.

    3. Embryonic Stem Cell Research is wrong.

    4. Human Cloning is wrong.

    5. Gay Marriage is wrong.

    Issues like divorce or prostitution are and always will be on the list too, but these are the five big ones of today.

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    Catholic Gospel Values?

    What are the (Catholic) gospel values?

  • catholic gospel values

  • I grew up in a Catholic family ,Cathecism, Church etc. and I would have to say the greatest value that I came away with would be treat others as you would have them treat you. I would also include the ten commandments in your paper as they are all good rules to live a good life by. We as humans will never be perfect but it is our goal as Christians to be more God like by being the best we can be. We were givin free will and with that we have the choice to practice good or evil, those that practice good are the ones who will be rewarded in the end. Thats my understanding of what I learned. I hope that helps even a little.

  • what is the catholic Gospel is it not what is in the bible ????

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