cheapest hotel/hostel/pension house in tagaytay?

a little help in getting info about some of the cheapest hotels/hostels/pension houses in tagaytay...

i need to know the price range and how to get there( or the contact number of the place).. our family is planning to have a small celebration and a night at tagaytay is one of the options... please help...thanks...

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  • Tagaytay Aroma Apartelle is inexpensive and decent enough for a family reunion. They have a swimming pool, billiard tabel, and videoke to make your overnight stay even more fun. You will get better value for your money because they were not a hotel, but was just a home that eventually accepted visitors. Thus, they have family rooms which can fit more people.

    I happened to discover Aroma Apartelle when I attended a niece's wedding. Her entire family stayed there, and they were all happy with the accommodations which, in their own words, was "hindi taga" or really very reasonable.

    Aroma Apartelle

    Tagaytay City, Cavite


  • Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay costs around P2,800/night

    MICROTEL INN EAGLE RIDGE costs around P2,500-P2,900/night

    TAGAYTAY MAR-a-LAGO PENSION HOUSE & GARDEN costs around P1,500/night

  • Cheap Accommodations In Tagaytay

  • try clicking on "pension houses in tagaytay" for the info you need.

  • Are there pension houses in tagatay? I though there were just resorts. Man, let me know! Maybe one day I too can go to tagatay!

  • I think that's correct

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    i live in tagaytay, i can rent you a room, or help you find a place.. thanks, im eric from the usa

  • That is not correct

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