CHF3 is (less,more) polar than CHI3 because…?

1. less; the C-H bond in CHF3 is a non-polar


2. more; the C-F bonds are more polar than

the C-I bonds.

3. more; the C-H bond in CHF3 is a non-

polar bond.

4. less; the tetrahedral geometry decreases

the polarity of C-F bonds.

5. less; the three polar C-F bonds are sym-

metrical and cancel the dipole moments.

1 Answer

  • 2 is the correct answer. The C-F bond IS more polar than the C-I bond. The molecules have the same symmetry and shape and both have 1 hydrogen. The only difference is the halogen. F is the most elecgtronegative element, more than I. Therefore, the C-F bond is more polar - making CHF3 the more polar molecule.

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