, I want to know if this is a scam site. as most people that use this site seem to be scammers .?

I would like to know more about , as I believe that most people that use this. Seem to be scammers.

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  • That domain is registered in Belize and is only used in online dating schemes. They target people on pretty much every dating site, Craigslist, etc

  • before you hit the enter key, read the fine print!!!! Copy / paste in word, change to same font and a legible size, and what you will find is, that you have free access to this site and 2 others, if you don't cancel in 48-72 hrs you will be billed $29.99 - 39.99.

    I caught the notice one day in like size 6-7 font, basically really small font. so I did as described, and messaged back not interested, not into the games you plan for the next 72 hrs.

    She balked swore up / down I was wrong until I pasted it in a response to her, didnt hear back. And I also made sure I called the ad to cancel, and gave my bank the info the next morning

  • Absolutely, most definitely a phishing site for NUMEROUS XXXporn/****/dating sites.

    I've been sucked into

    giving my card # to several that just click you onto another site to sell another round of sluts. When a "match responds to U with dirty ideas they often give you an email address at or but will never call or text the number you provide or email you directly. Waste of time, money and you'll never meet up with someone from this site.

  • Won t even let you register on city mail got Sorry, no new registrations allowed at this time. Sounds like a scam site to me.

  • City Mail

  • I received an email "my email is [email protected]" from I sent an email to that address - nothing. No reply back, zero! Are these sites scams? YES, keep away from them. Destroy your credit card before giving you money to some slime bag asshole.

  • Yeah, sadly you are correct.. Porn dating sites like these are a rip.


  • bound to be a scam. the girls that contacted me always say go to a site where we can chat. these sites want a credit card so they can "verify your age."

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