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  • For some reason, every single Cancer I have met has been cold-hearted and cruel. I am a Sagittarius and I find myself having to be ultra careful what I say to them because I am afraid of hurting their feelings. They are clingy, needy, and are only interested in the preservation of their feelings and themselves. They act as though they have this extreme artistic and sensitive side to them but for some reason I always find them doing extremely manipulative things. I also find they won't pass an opportunity to down someone (an outsider) in front of their family in order to make them look more clever or witty. When in reality their jokes are not funny and I begin to feel sad for them because I think they might have some severe mental/psychological disorder.

    Cancerian moms are the worse though. I've dated so many guys who had cancer moms. They all think the same thing, that every girl is out to get their baby and that no one can can provide for their kids the way they can. By providing I mean borderline suffocating them with emotion and emotional mood swings.

    Example, I had a Scorpio boyfriend (his mom was into astrology so she mapped out having Scorpio kids but one was late and ended being a Sagittarius) So her son was her prize Scorpio baby. I had this skin condition I was really insecure about that breaks out a little around my neck and it sometimes leaves the appearance of "love bites". His mom stopped me and was like "What is that on your NECK?!? Is that a Hickey? You should NOT being ꜱᴜcκing necks with my son!" By then my Scorpio boyfriend stepped in and told her to shut up and that it wasn't a hickey. She then persisted to "lighten" up the mood by cracking more jokes about it. By then I got into my boyfriends car and told him I just wanted to go home for the day because I was really hurt. His mom then called him crying because she felt so mean and she needed him to come back home and comfort her.

    Need I say more? Oh. I have about a good 80 stories similar to the one above about Cancer women. Heads up, they're never the cold-hearted ones it's always YOUR fault. These people are cold. They can dish it, but they don't want to receive it.

    Source(s): Sagittarius Sun
    Pisces Rising
    Gemini Moon
  • I don't agree with Christien at all. Cancers are so misunderstood. They may seem cold because they're sensitive, they care too much and they don't want to show that they're sensitive, they want to look strong and not weak. Yes, I understand the whole cancer mom thing and she probably feels horrible for it. You're a Sagittarius of course you wouldn't understand how cancers are. They are caring, sweet and I don't think they're manipulative at all, I have two close friends that are cancers and I know that they have my back no matter what. Sure they can say some mean things but that's because of the mood they're in. They really have good hearts, don't be so one sided.

  • I have a Cancer guy friend who is a huge cheater. He cheated on his gf because she was not good in bed. That was the reason why he cheated.

    So they broke up, he had a new girlfriend and he told me that if his ex would come back to him again, he will dump his new gf for his ex again. I was very against that.

    He dates and dates and dates and dates, as many girls as he can until he finds the right one that he desires. Like a butterfly, going from flowers to flowers, never satisfied with one.

    Even if he has a gf already, he will still date until he find the right one. Everytime I met with him, seems like he always had a new girlfriend.

    I'm not saying that all Cancer men are like that, but he is. Cancer man can be cruel, they said things without thinking twice and sometimes they say the wrong thing and it hurt my feelings.

    I agree and disagree because not everyone is the same:)

  • um anyone can be cold-hearted. You can't expect people to be EXACTLY as their zodiac sign suggests. those things have just been made up for fun and whatnot. i am a cancer and so is my sister and a few of my family and friends. everyone is completely different from each other and not everyone is as the zodiac sign suggests. also one question for you, if you feel he is cold-hearted and doesn't care about anyone why are you saying you are in love with him? That sort of doesn't make sense.

  • Well I'm a Cancer and i'll let you know that I've met good and bad Cancers in my life. I've also met the coolest virgos and the most nosy, gossiping ones. My best friend (who has been happily married for 7 years) is a Scorpio, yet my neighbor who is one as well cheated on her husband after they had only been married a few months. The truth is your sign only makes up part of who you are. The other half is determined on the way your were raised. Everyone, regardless of their sign, if raised with good morals and in a positive environment, will become an overall good person. This question can relate to any of the 12 signs, so I don't get why Cancer in particular was chosen. What I do know is that Beth your idiot is showing. And that's not cold hearted, that's the bitting Cancer in me. LOL

  • Agree!!!

    Years a go I started to date this Cancer guy that was a friend of my family.At first he seemed sweet and caring.He had just ended a relationship with his gf and was with me almost every day for months.He told me he loved me.I even spent the holidays with his family.After a while he started acting different and I figured out he was back with his ex so I left him alone.After about a year he started calling me again and I eventually starting seeing him again.This time for years.Someone from my family broke the news to me that not only was he enɡɑɡed to this gf but he also had 2 other girls on the side.4 altogether! When he can't get what he wants from one he just goes down the line til he does.Obviously I don't talk to him anymore.To me he's a heartless jerk that can't keep it in his pants.

  • I think it might depend on the person. I would agree with you only because a friend of mine is a cancer, but I don't think all of them are cold-hearted.

  • Disagree

    I don't know why, but I somehow seem to get along with Cancers pretty well. At least more well than what things say about Sagittariuses and Cancers.

    Anyways, from the ones I know of.

    They all have strong personalities. They are pretty commanding in their behavior which some might see them as cold-hearted. Funniest thing is, they seem to be very honest as well. I love how they will say things straight up. They won't hold back and can be pretty biting. Very protective as well.

    I love them though, when you get close to them they are actually pretty sensitive. This is probably why they might be so biting. They are really sweet though if you get to know them deeply and is so damn caring. I am so thankful my mom is a Cancer. I really do think they make great mothers. I met so many Cancers for some reason and majority of them seem to be GREAT with kids. My current job works with many children and the Cancer co-workers seem to be very good at making the kids laugh and smile. They are so friendly with them. They seem to be very friendly with animals too. I think sometimes people really misunderstood them. I know for sure Cancers definitely would have some haters around them, because the ones I know all has at least someone that dislike them. I really think it is because of how they might appear when someone doesn't know them. Their first impressions sometimes aren't really the best, but they really are the biggest sweethearts.

    Source(s): My mom, my close/best friend, my other close/best friend's gf, my "play mother", majority of my co-workers recently again(seasonal job)
    Sagittarius sun/moon, Scorpio rising
  • Agree and Disagree

    I met the ones that live up to the sweet motherly stereotype to a t. Would never talk badly about anyone nor hurt anyone's feelings. They're always there to listen when you're feeling sad and will genuinely feel bad about you feeling down. Complete sweethearts. Then there are the "other" kinds of Cancers. The ones that are still sensitive but only about their own feelings. They want you to walk on eggshells so as not to hurt their feelings but could care less if they hurt yours. Their emotional needs are always more important than anyone elses.

    The one and only Cancer boyfriend I've ever had was a compulsive cheater and habitual and pathological liar. He had three girls pregnant at the same time while he was dating me. Wrote me on myspace a few months ago to tell me he still loves me and all the while the mothers are his children are on his page saying how he's their hubby. He was still dealing with other women and had the nerve to try and get back with me. Didn't care about the fact that he hurt me before. Like I said, selfish. On the other hand, I knew a Cancer guy that was sooo sweet. He was dating my best friend at the time. She would cheat on him and he would cry about it. Broke my heart 🙁 He went out of his way to treat her like a queen and she ѕнι𝓉ted on him. So when you have a good Cancer they're like sunshine and rainbows. A bad one is a complete and utter waste of time, spece, and oxygen.

    edit: Christie just described my Cancer mother perfectly! In the past when I have brought boyfriends around I have had to warn them ahead of time about her and her mouth. One of my exes had rosacea on his cheeks and was VERY self-conscious about it. What does my mom say the minute she lays eyes on him? Not hi or nice to meet you. "What's that on your face?!" Ugh! If someone was to bring up her weight she would never forgive them and run off crying. Emotional hypocrites.

    Source(s): Aquarius Sun
    Gemini Rising
    Virgo Moon
  • it pains me to see cheaters are cancers.

    i've wanted to kill myself because i was so in love (lame i know, but i love whole heartedly).

    i fall so hard and it really ꜱᴜcκs... i actually don't want to date again because i get so attached and think of the person always even when they move on, i think, they still love me like i do. And it hurts because i sort of know the truth in a way..

    i just feel so much, i feel they are the same, when most cases they arn't 🙁

    i have been manipulative in my life, felt selfish because i felt no one felt as much as ihave, and i have also given my heart, given my all only to be trodden on... If we are cold hearted it is because the person isn't deserving, in ouyr narrow minded perspective.

    I am quite superficial, but when i love someone it is for keeps.. otherwise you will know i am wasting your time and treated you as prey

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