Colleges that have Occult studies courses?

does anyone know of Western esoterica or occult studies courses in colleges? which colleges offer them?

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  • Not so easy to find this, and I'm sure that there must be more than these few schools, but these are the universities that I found have some courses in this field. No idea if they're offered every term, or just occasionally:

    - U of Washington

    - Indiana University Bloomington

    - Florida International University

    - Michigan State University

    - U Arkansas Little Rock

    - U South Florida

    - University of North Carolina

    - University of Massachusetts

    - Haverford

    - Case Western

    I found courses spread across all sorts of deparments, so you have to search to find them. Sometimes it's in Native American Studies, or art history, or psychology, or sociology, or history, or women's studies, or comparative religions, or even English.

    And most large or liberal universities have a pagan club, or some sort of club that is either interested in the occult or in similar. MSU, above, for example. UMass Amherst is another. I'll give you a link to a list, which is imcomplete, but may help if you're interested.

  • Occult Studies University

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Paranormal and science are contradictory terms. Although there may be a number of colleges offering one or two courses related to the paranormal, you wont find an accredited college offering a degree in that, at least not in the US. There simply isn't enough to study. The field of paranormal is almost entirely comprised of myth, urban legend, and testimonial evidence. It isn't even as solid as any of the major religions in the world. Even if there was, you would be wasting your time. Get a degree in a real science. I know its scary to set out to get your Bachelors, or even PhD in something like Biology, Geology, Meteorology, Computer science or even Math, but if you keep your mind on your studies, you will do well.

  • Most American colleges are just like people on this site. They just deny the possibility of paranormal phenomena because they can't see past their own ignorance and prejudice. They have closed minds. If you want to study the occult I would suggest looking on line for schools that have courses. As for the premise that no colleges teach the subjects,just look in the psychology courses. PS thank you for your military service.

  • The russians have some institutes,of these kind,but you can try

    on medicine universitys-parapsychologics directions.

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