Compare and contrast: Prom night and halloween night.?

For my english class, I have decided to do a compare and contrast essay on Prom night and halloween night.

I have the basics (dressing up, they're both with other people, at night.. etc)

I figure the brainstorming of other people could help me generate more complex ideas.


EDIT: I am in college, not high school...

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  • Halloween nights in high school were usually about getting high. and we didnt have a prom.

    so yea i guess getting high is the difference, oh yea and halloween is alot colder then june

  • Ok here are some ideas

    Here is a attention grabbing sentence: Halloween and prom night have two totally different meanings. (Then describe each night)

    The same: For both nights you dress up & you celebrate something

    Difference: Prom is formal while halloween isnt, they both have different histories, you get candy, etc, etc.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Both nights you dress in attire you wouldn't normally wear. For both, you go with a group of people, not by yourself. Both often have after-parties. They are both mainly children's activities and many people act more wild/crazy than they would on other nights.

  • People do things they normally wouldn't do.

    People may pretend to be something they're not.

    People eat too much food that they usually wouldn't.

    People get their pictures taken.

    People make memories.

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