Could a leopard or a jaguar be tamed?

Like lions & tigers.

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  • If it's raised from a cub by humans there's a good chance that the animal would be relatively docile around humans. But big cats always retain their hunter's instincts. They could easily underestimate their strength and hurt someone, or outright attack a person because of that instinct. Either way, it's not a safe thing to try.

  • A wild animal can be trained but it cannot be tamed. This means that it retains it's wild instincts and can 'turn' at any time. Just ask sigfried and roy. They raised those tigers from birth but they still had an attack. And all wild animals raised in this fashion do this at some point. They are not domestic animals and cannot be handled as such. The fact is, even if the animal is raised from infancy to be 'tame' there are instincts within the animal which don't always harmonize with what's going on in many domestic situations. At some point, generally, the animal gets over stressed. The people believe the animal is tame and are not looking for the trigger signs and ignore them or don't ever see them. That's why so many people say, "They gave no warning, it just attacked". All animals give warnings, it's up to the people to be smart enough and watchful enough to see them. Wild animals belong in one place - the wild.

  • Ha ha! Who told you that a tiger or a lion can be tamed? A big cat, if hand reared correctly by an experienced person, will lose its fear of humans. That is easy enough. But a human can never trust a big cat. They are playful like domestic cats: playing with one can get you killed. They can also go through mood swings that have been bred out of domestic cats. They are not able to be housetrained either.

    A wild cat can change mood in an instant: one cannot trust even a hand reared one. I have seen documentaries in which idiots claim this is not true just because it hasn't happened to them. Cats are not social animals (apart from lions - but they give each other one hell of a lot of stick all the time! a human would not survive the kind of treatment lions give each other) and therefore do not care if you are pleased with them. They do what they like.

    Stick to cats and dogs - they are designed for us to mess around with. It's a bit like saying, hmmmm will I eat this nice tasty chocolate bar, or shall I take a bite out of this deadly nightshade, which is more exotic but will probably kill me?

  • No wild animal is ever tame even if it is raised in captivity from birth, although it is more tame than completely wild cats but not ever tame, there can be wonderful relationships between big cats and their caretakers but there are always precautions taken while dealing with any wild animal because they are always prone to attack whether it's a natural reaction in a situation where they feel threatened or whether it's just playing too hard.

  • There has been many situations in the past where people have hand reared lion and tiger cubs, and often times releasing them back into the wild. They teach them what to eat and what to avoid. give them something to chase to hoan in there hunting skills.

    There has been situations where they released them back into the wild and continued to remember them. The story about christian the lion, a lion raised by two guys in Australia then later they decided to release it back into the wild, after a year of not seeing the lion they went to visit it, the lion had it's own pride and cubs, the lion remembered them, ran up to them hugged them.

    however you have to have a zoology degree, or some other wildlife degree to do this.

  • As far as I know I think they can't unless you hire like a professional tamer who's experienced in these types of animals and how they interact. But it's very unlikely that you'll be able to tame a leopard or a jaguar.

  • hi yes my friend is a spotted leopard he was marked by the great predator Kali Crosby, he can be tamed but you have to stroke its man bun for at least 15 min a day, it can get very feisty if not given food. Markings can be found anywhere from the neck down to shoulder.

  • They could both be tamed if you started the training very early in their life. Remember that even if animals are tamed that doesn't mean that they won't attack. For example a lady had a cage of tamed wolves and she cared for them. One day she trusted them and fell asleep in the cage. She never came in and her body was found chewed up in the cage. NEVER trust wild animals.

  • Can you say "Photo-shopped"? The big cats are indeed very beautiful animals but not even the ones raised in captivity are what you might call tame or trustworthy. Even if bottle fed from early infancy, wild animals become aggressive once they reach sexual maturity.

  • In a sense...yes, but you never know when they might snap (remember the crazed chimp) and devour you or a neighbor. Wild animals belong in the wild.

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