crf150r vs crf150f trail and motocross?

i am getting a new bike in a few days, but can't decide which one to get. i have not rode a bike in about 2 years. my friend is telling me that the crf150f has more top speed and is better for trail and has a plate underneath protecting the motor, and that the crf150r is a great bike with plenty power but i will end up breaking it soon and that it is difficult to ride and i should not go ride on trails with it. i plan to get into motocross in about a year, but i want to ride trails until i get better and more comfortable.

so... which bike should i get and is my friend correct on what he told me?

please help me soon and thank you very much

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  • doo not get the 150f its a ugly air cooled piece of crap with no power.the 150r will need more maintenance but it will have more horsepower, better suspension and will work fine in trails, it just has a tighter gear ratio which is not the best for trails but its manageable, its also water cooled and looks alot nicer. you can buy a skid plate for around 80 bucks which is the plate you where talking about and the top speed will be similar the 150f will have a bit more top speed but that dosent mean its better. so basically i would get the r model even if you weren't doing motocross in a year

  • Well for starters, never listen to this friend again when it comes to dirt bikes. The 150F doesn't have more anything than the 150R except weight, definitely not speed. You can hardly even compare these two bikes. The 150R is a far superior bike. The 150F cannot being ridden on a motocross track, but a 150R makes an awesome woods or motocross bike. Almost all of the mini class woods racers in my district are on CRF150R's, a few still on the KTM85XC. The 150R is just as reliable as a 150F. There is really no more maintenance on one than the other either. You may want to have the valves checked once a year on the R just because it is a high performance engine, but you're talking 30 minutes labor, so maybe $40 - $50 a year for that. Of course if you rode the 150R very hard it would need piton/rings more often than the F, but only if you ride the crap out of it. Higher RPM's mean more friction which means more heat and wear. At least on the R you have the option of going fast if you want. I test rode a 150F that I was considering as a pit bike and it was a dog, really slow!!!

  • If you plan on getting in motocross then without a doubt go with the crf150r. The crf150f is more reliable then the r model, but is slower and will not have the power or suspension to race. To be honest you would be laughed off the track with the f model. The crf150r if designed for racing though it could be trail ridden. It will require more maintenance and will cost more to buy. If you are unsure if you can handle the power, try one out. If you know nothing about maintaining dirt bikes, get an f model and ride it on trails for a year and learn how to maintain a dirt bike then get the r model when you are ready to race. The r model really will need a lot of maintenence compared to the f model so be prepared to put on new top ends, changing the oil and air filter after every race and always fixing the valves. Though I think it is worth it. I do all the work on my own bike but you could have a shop do it though they charge a lot. Your friend is wrong about the top speed but correct about it being a good trail bike. I hope I helped.

    Source(s): I race and trail ride.
  • How old are you and how tall as that has a load ta do with what bike is best. The crf150f is really only a play trail bike for younger people and not something ya want unless ya really ꜱᴜcκ on a bike and want ta play it safe learning, even then the crf150r is not hard ta ride and as long as ya fit on the bike and suit the age group ya would not have to change up. So it is really up to you if you want to upgrade in a years time for mx as the crf150f is no good for mx but the crf150r can be used successfully for trails. The crf150r is really only raced up till 16 then the riders move to the bigger bikes and is only really any good for someone under 5'5 tall. All bike need ta be properly maintained no matter what ya get.

  • The CRF-X and WR-F are both great bikes but I do prefer the Honda. Can't go wrong either way, but I wouldn't go with the motocross versions for what you will be doing. The CRF250X and WR250F have the same engine as the CRF250R and YZ250F motocross bikes so the performance will be about the same. The CRF-X and WR-F are slightly de-tuned and a bit heavier so they won't be quite as quick as the motocross version but it will be so close you would hardly notice the difference. The woods (trail), versions will have a larger gas tank, larger radiators to better cool the bike at lower speeds, a little heavier flywheel for better torque, a wider ratio transmission, slightly softer suspension to soak up the smaller bumps and roots on the trails along with some other minor differences. I did see a friend of mine race motocross on his CRF250X because his R model was out of commission and he placed very well on it and was clearing the up hill 90 footer with no problem. Make no mistake, these two bikes are not trail bikes like a CRF-F or TT-R, these are high performance woods racing bikes that also work well for casual trail riding.

  • go with the 150r trust me i got trail bike and i got over it quick... but it will be more maintenance with the 150r so you will have to learn how to work on it your self because you will pay lots of cash at a shop i learned by my self and i do the work on my bike.......... if i were you i would get the crf150r

  • i have a crf 150f and it is very fun but for getting back into riding the 150 f is definetley better.

    in portland oregon you can get a brand new 2009 crf 150f for $1999

  • 150R can do both, the 150F cant

    definitley go with the Crf150R

  • Crf 150 F

  • Crf 150f

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