custom ios 248 cannot be found?

i recently installed homebrew on my 4.3u system and downgraded to 4.1 because i couldnt seem to manage to play downloaded games im pretty new at this. so i have configurable usb loader and i cant seem to get it to work at first i tried to change my meta.xml from reading about it online now it says "custom ios 248 cannot be found" what am i doing wrong??? someone please help me!!! i want to be able to download games and play them from my usb drive

is cIos Installer Xr2ob download what i need and could someone please post a link that will actually work if so....thanks

its impossible to find a cios 248 installer ive been looking at post and tryed a million different downloads and nothing works

2 Answers

  • wow, u found everything u need to hack/mod and downgrade ur Wii but u cant find the cIOS to install?

    find cIOS 248 with a tutorial n install it.

  • it says the same thing

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