DD Form 368…How difficult is it, really?

I returned home from BCT to my husband and two young children (2 and 4 years) about a month ago.

When I enlisted into the USAR my husband was not pleased, not a bit (however, he expressed none of this prior to me enlisting...my personal opinion is that he didn't not believe I would actually enlist..and when I did, oh sh*t!). Prior to me enlisting our marriage of seven years wasn't exactly perfect and he got kind of nasty and resentful that I was going to be gone for a total of 20 weeks. He was PISSED that he had to take care of my children (his own biological children, mind you). Once I returned the situation got unhealthier by the day and I eventually got an apartment. He doesn't want my kids in my apartment, which is ridiculous, but it is easier to spend time with them at our house than argue and freak out about it. No one has filed for separation or divorce yet. He makes significantly more money than me and has always been the breadwinner. He does not provide me with any financial support.

Like I said, I'm in the Reserve. I have a savings built up, but I have a feeling it is only a matter of time before that is used up (car, apartment, child care so I can work, misc bills). I hold a secret security clearance (must maintain good financial standing/credit). I love the Army. I love my MOS. I feel that I might need to do active duty for financial reasons. I don't want to slack off, be a subpar soldier, or miss drills (my civilian job pays significantly more and most available shifts are on weekends) with my unit. I don't want to half *** anything and use excuses as I am not a fan of either. What is the reality of getting a DD Form 368 approved in my situation? I enlisted 9 months ago, was in the DEP for 3, BCT/AIT for 5 months. My unit hasn't gotten much out of me.

Oh, and here's the clencher: he has a girlfriend, and I'm pretty sure he had her the entire time I was gone. And she's now living in my house, which is just awesome.

I feel stuck, and honestly, I'm stressed out and a bit scared. I need help/advice/guidance.

@AD- I have thought about and considered the single parent issue and would hopefully find away into RA before anything is filed. If I have to give up full physical custody, that would be unfortunate, but I understand that is how it works. It is what it is.

My MOS is 27D, and there aren't many of us...but I'm not sure if there is a real need in the regular Army. I am an E3, what are the two MOSs available to E1-E4? Also, I looked at the Airborne qualifications and do believe I qualify...are all 17 airborne MOSs available to prior service? Thanks for your help.

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  • Getting your 368 approved isn't the big issue. Usually you can get that done as long as your unit doesn't have any scheduled deployment on the radar or is short on people in your MOS. They'll usually want to get at least six months of work out of you before you transfer but your unit can give you more information on that. The problem is getting into active duty after your 368 is approved. The Army considers you prior service for enlistment purposes, which means your options are very limited.

    As of today, there are only 17 MOSs for Airborne qualified Soldiers, or two MOSs for non-Airborne qualified Soldiers that are open for prior service between the ranks of E-1 and E-4. If you don't hold one of those jobs the only retrain option is 18X. With you being a female, that pretty much translates into no retrain options. Even if you do get approved to transfer, if you get a divorce before the transfer is complete you will be a single parent unless he has full custody, which would stop your enlistment into active duty.

    *35P and 91F are the only two open slots for people who are not Airborne qualified. The 17 Airborne jobs are for people who are ALREADY Airborne qualified, or who have already completed Airborne school. They're not going to send you if you haven't gone already. The needs of the Army change all of the time, so you pretty much have to wait and see if anything else comes open for you.

  • Da Form 368

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